SAGE Virtual Staffing is a US based staffing agency assisting businesses with more effective ways of handling daily operations by providing and managing their virtual staffing needs.

By implementing new technologies and streamlining processes and procedures, the small business can work smarter and not harder. SAGE offers services that enables companies to enjoy the very best of skilled consultants, temporary staff and virtual employees. Our top-notch range of professional service providers includes skilled virtual assistants, project managers, experienced grant writers, marketing and accounting professionals.

The core of our duty is to provide virtual support to professionals who understand the need to create time for other important assignments. Our company provides immense benefit to executives, corporations and government agencies throughout the United States.

Also, all our staff are highly skilled and will immerse themselves in the task assigned to them while working remotely for the success of your business.

We definitely understand the secret to successful businesses, and now is the best time to get started with the vital support we provide towards business growth.

our services

From one-man shops to million dollar firms, SAGE has the people you need to reach your goals. Get the manpower to take on any project, the flexibility to maintain ideal capacity, and the freedom to focus on growing your business. We are more than just your vendor, we are your partner helping you cultivate long-term success

Outsourcing & Consulting

The ever-changing nature of the business landscape in our present time has led many successful businesses to utilize ways of cutting down on their operational cost. Our outsourcing and consulting service is vital for businesses,

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Staffing Solutions

SAGE Virtual Staffing provides virtual staffing services after much scrutiny on the right hands available to handle the task of business professionals. We understand that growing your business is what matters most to you,

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Virtual Assistants

Our virtual assistants are US based. We specialize in helping small businesses, Realtors and busy professionals. SAGE offers the small business community a more effective and efficient way of handling daily operations.

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Non-profit assistance

Whether you’re an thriving nonprofit in need of marketing and development consulting services, or a looking to start-up, develop and market a corporate social responsibility program, we’ve got the right set of consulting services and the right execution team for you!

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Project Managers

Hiring a virtual project manager makes it possible to delegate certain task that gives you more time to concentrate on other ideas that could increase business revenue. We understand the challenge faced by business owners who handle all aspect of their business ranging from accounting, recruiting, marketing

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Social media marketing

We have a marketing partner that is a full-service digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping brands in both the private and public sector. This service makes it possible to get top-notch strategies and ideas required to enhanced the visibility of a brand or product. Our marketing strategy

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SAGE Virtual Staffing is unique because the success of our clients is our priority.

Our Clients

We are passionate about building excellent relationships with our clients. Before we take up any task, we will ensure that we fully understand the expectation of our clients, with the aim of delivering the best result.

Our Partners

Working with SAGE Virtual Staffing makes it possible for our partners to gain tremendous insight into the working principle of organizations and also build good working ethics.


Enjoying one of the best cost-effective engagement is known to be among the benefit of the service we provide, everyone can save more on time and money with SAGE Virtual Staffing.

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