7 Ways your Virtual Assistant Can Help you in the Summer Months

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7 Ways your Virtual Assistant Can Help you in the Summer Months

Ahhh Summertime. How much do you love long weekends at the beach? Summer is a great chance to create some precious memories that can very simply be lost. Stopping in the office on a Friday for an hour to just “check on things” can turn into hours. That “next weekend” plan to go on a mini vaca gets postponed for a project and before you know it, the leaves are falling.

If you’ve already employed a VA or are thinking about working with one, Summer is a good time to contemplate about how they can assist your business, so you can have an opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Here are some ways your VA can assist:

  1. Scheduling. Your assistant can manage, schedule, and confirm your appointments while also freeing up blocks of time for you. They will be able to do this using a cloud-based calendar system or Outlook.
  2. Mailings. If you have a marketing campaign that includes mailings, you can ship everything to your VA and let them address them and mail it for you.
  3. Travel Planning. Consideration freeing up some time at the end of your summer business trips. You VA can help you schedule coordinate the travel and plan sightseeing, tours and research the best local hot spots.
  4. Event Planning. Summer is a great time to plan team-building activities, a company outing or even get a start on Holiday parties.
  5. Correspondences. Leave work early on Friday to beat the shore traffic by having your VA return phone calls or check your emails. You can even include your VAs information on your out-of-office replies.
  6. Social Media. Maintaining a social media presence is critical to improving or maintaining your company’s visibility. Have your VA take coordinate your business’ social media and find seasonally appropriate posts.
  7. Research. Let your virtual assistant do the digging for pretty much anything. Whether you want to know if penguin have knees or need a comparative analysis of a specific real estate market.

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