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Hiring a virtual project manager makes it possible to delegate certain task that gives you more time to concentrate on other ideas that could increase business revenue. We understand the challenge faced by business owners who handle all aspect of their business ranging from accounting, recruiting, marketing and other time-gulping engagement that can be handled by a project manager.

Our project management service enables you to enjoy the following;

Keep your team on track

Getting the service of a virtual project manager makes it possible to fully coordinate the activities of both full-time and part-time employees, as well as ensuring that vendors, contractors, and freelancers meet their expectation in the service required.

With a virtual project manager, you can easily get real-time information on the performance of your business. Reports about business supplies and purchases that need to be resolved will be communicated, making it possible to have full knowledge of the state of your business.

More so, those that form part of your business team can be monitored by a virtual project manager who ensures that everyone accomplishes the duties he or she is supposed to handle.

Reducing Micromanaging

It is well-known that micromanaging is counter-productive in the business world, and the use of a virtual project manager makes it possible to easily delegate a task and increase the level of productivity experienced in a business.

At SAGE Virtual Staffing, we seek to make our clients focus on the big picture without the distraction of other little but important task.

The task that can be assigned to a virtual project manager include;

  • Coordinating the task expected of a team
  • Replying emails
  • Customer support service
  • Answering phone calls


A virtual project manager is also referred to as a virtual assistant, so several tasks can be performed by the person assigned to your business, and if more hands are required to assist your business, then we will provide competent individuals to work with your business.

Working smarter is the game and not working harder. SAGE Virtual Staffing is ready to put your company on autopilot.