Virtual Staff

Staffing Solutions

The ever-changing nature of the business landscape in our present time has led many successful businesses to utilize ways of cutting down on their operational cost. Our outsourcing and consulting service is vital for businesses, as it leads to a drastic reduction in the cost of daily business operations. There is no need to engage a full-time employee that demands huge benefits, while we are capable of providing the same service at any time of the day with a high level of efficiency.

  • SAGE Virtual Staffing provides virtual staffing services after much scrutiny on the right hands available to handle the task of business professionals.
  • We understand that growing your business is what matters most to you, so we will provide the right hands to introduce unique ideas to any given task.
  • Our clients will have no need to bother about some trivial challenges because we take full consideration to the competence of the individuals that we recommend.
  • You can count on our ability to get the best hands with the help of our huge database of skilled professionals in various industries. We make use of our experience in connecting experienced candidates with employers.
  • With our virtual staffing options, our clients can save as much as 50% in overhead cost when compared to traditional office staffing solutions that require a huge investment in both infrastructure and staff welfare.
  • This service provides immense benefit to the entrepreneur, giving them room to invest in other businesses without having to cater for staff management and other troubling needs of a fixed location or property.
  • We have all it takes to dig for the right candidate to handle a new job or project, so allow us to help you find the best-fit employee for your business.

Virtual Assistants

All of our virtual assistants are US based and professionally trained.  We specialize in helping small businesses, Realtors and new entrepreneurs. SAGE offers a more effective and efficient way of handling daily operations. By implementing new technologies and streamlining processes and procedures.  Our virtual assistants will make an excellent addition to your team.

No need to discover how to work with a different person every time you need something done. You will have a dedicated assistant who will get to know you and your needs and will provide consistently amazing results!

Typical duties of a Virtual Assistant:

  • Respond to emails and phone calls
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Data entry
  • Record keeping
  • Create presentations
  • Address queries
  • Provide customer service
  • Be Chat Agent for your website
  • Basic research
  • Lead generation
  • CRM maintenance

Looking for Executive Assistants for your c-suite executives and directors?

Virtual Project Management

Hiring a virtual project manager makes it possible to delegate certain task that gives you more time to concentrate on other ideas that could increase business revenue. We understand the challenge faced by business owners who handle all aspect of their business ranging from accounting, recruiting, marketing and other time-gulping engagement that can be handled by a project manager.

Our project management service enables you to enjoy the following;

Keep your team on track

Getting the service of a virtual project manager makes it possible to fully coordinate the activities of both full-time and part-time employees, as well as ensuring that vendors, contractors, and freelancers meet their expectation in the service required.

With a virtual project manager, you can easily get real-time information on the performance of your business. Reports about business supplies and purchases that need to be resolved will be communicated, making it possible to have full knowledge of the state of your business.

More so, those that form part of your business team can be monitored by a virtual project manager who ensures that everyone accomplishes the duties he or she is supposed to handle.

Reducing Micromanaging

It is well-known that micromanaging is counter-productive in the business world, and the use of a virtual project manager makes it possible to easily delegate a task and increase the level of productivity experienced in a business.

At SAGE Virtual Staffing, we seek to make our clients focus on the big picture without the distraction of other little but important task.

Working smarter is the game and not working harder. SAGE Virtual Staffing is ready to put your company on autopilot.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

SAGE has a wide variety of real estate virtual assistants and transaction coordinators who have years of experience in supporting the real estate industry. Real estate agents, and real estate investors operating in both personal and commercial real estate have discovered the incredible value and time savings of our services.

Being a real estate agent is already a challenging job as it is. So why not hand over some of the work to a virtual assistant? With the tasks that you can outsource to a VA, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly while you focus on becoming the best in the real estate industry.

Our virtual assistants are ready to assist you with everything from managing your busy schedule, to posting ads and updating your listings, to keeping your crowded inbox organized so you only have to deal with the important stuff.

Duties you can assign to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

  • Cold calling
  • Data entry & CRM maintenance
  • Research
  • Lead generation & Prospecting
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment reminders

Virtual Transaction Coordinators

SAGE transaction coordinators are trained to manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your real estate transactions, from the starting contract to closing.  Become more effective by using a SAGE virtual transaction coordinator to handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing a transaction.

Duties include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Gathering documentation & signatures
  • Reviewing agreements
  • Calling client
  • Completing paperwork
  • Following up on contract terms & requirements
  • Scheduling final walk-through
  • Creating a broker file for the completed transaction

Pricing starts at $399 per transaction. Schedule an intake for your needs today.

For brokers, real estate investors and teams looking for higher level executive assistants, visit SAGE Executive Assistants.

Non-profit Assistance

Whether you’re a thriving nonprofit in need of marketing and development consulting services, or a looking to start-up, develop and market a corporate social responsibility program, we can find the right set of professional services and the right execution team for you!

  • Auction Management
  • Bookkeepers & Accountants
  • Grant Researchers
  • Virtual Event Assistants
  • Fundraising assistants committed to building and implementing comprehensive strategies to achieve your revenue goals.
  • Grant Writers specializing in corporate grants, foundation grants, educational grants, and scholastic awards.

Public Relations team members to assist with strategy and outreach to spread the word about your mission and assists in increasing your donations and awareness.

Small Business Support

The core of our duty is to provide virtual support to businesses and busy professionals who understand the need to create time for other important assignments.
Also, all our staff are highly skilled and will immerse themselves in the task assigned to them while working remotely for the success of your business.
We definitely understand the secret to successful businesses, and now is the best time to get started with the vital support we provide towards business growth.